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Rio arrives!

10 October 2013

Rio, our first fully accessible Go-GiverRead for RNIB and The Citizenship Foundation are excited to announce a brand new member of the Go-Givers team – Rio the partially sighted monkey!

Rio’s story

Launched in time for Read for RNIB 2013, Rio is the first fully accessible character for blind and partially sighted pupils. As a lively, cheeky and enthusiastic monkey from Indonesia Rio demonstrates that even though he has a visual impairment, he still wants to be involved in everything!

It is hoped that Rio can help demonstrate that with the right support and resources, a visual impairment is not a barrier to participation. To support Rio a variety of resources have been created to help bring his story to life. These include: a fully accessible child-friendly blog with audio described Power Point presentation and a set of lessons fitting into the English, Citizenship, History and PSHE curriculum.

Go-Givers and the Citizenship Foundation

The Go-Givers characters are designed to help children and young people develop a level of empathy and understanding through the interactive content that is available on the Citizenship Foundation website.

In particular Rio will help address the following issues:

  • Equip sighted children with knowledge of how their school environment can be adapted for visually impaired pupils, and what they can do to help visually impaired pupils.
  • Increase sighted children’s understanding of visual impairment (VI).
  • Help pupils understand different ways blind and partially sighted children read, and the role of the people and resources that help pupils with special educational needs in schools.
  • Highlight the fact that only seven per cent of books are available to blind and partially sighted pupils.
  • Allow pupils to understand where blind and partially sighted people get accessible books from.

How to meet Rio

To access Rio and his resources please visit The Citizenship Foundation website and sign up to the Go-Givers programme, which is free and takes only a few minutes.

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