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What your money can do

Your donations help fund our vital services for blind and partially sighted peopleIt’s always good to have a target to aim for, so take a look at what your fundraising could achieve for blind and partially sighted people below.

Currently we can only reach one in three blind and partially sighted people in the UK. With your support, it doesn’t have to be like this.

Even the smallest amounts can make a real difference and make every day better for blind and partially sighted people.

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How your money helps:

  • £87p of every pound you raise goes directly to helping blind and partially sighted children and adults.
  • £5 can help us to answer a call to our Helpline from someone who has just found out they are losing their sight.
  • £10 can help someone understand their eye condition and treatment through information from our Eye Health Team.
  • £20 can help provide information and support to someone with sight problems seeking employment.
  • £30 could pay for a ‘quality of life’ check that assesses all areas of someone’s life to find out if they are getting all the support they need.
  • £75 can offer advice, a listening ear, understanding and friendship with one of our weekly Talk and Support telephone groups.
  • £82 allows someone to join our Talking Book Service for a year.
  • £125 can help prepare parents to teach braille to their children.
  • £250 can help someone participate in RNIB’s Telephone Book Clubs from the comfort of their own home.
  • £400 gives blind and partially sighted children the chance to make friends, build confidence and have fun on a specially designed action packed holiday.
  • £500 can help us create a children’s book in braille or giant print.
  • £1000 could provide a whole week of dedicated support at an eye clinic, helping people to understand and live with sight loss.
  • £2,500 can help us record a new talking book for our library to keep readers up to date with the latest titles.
  • £8,000 could pay for 10 sessions of professional emotional support for people in a time of crisis.
  • £12,500 means that 10 people affected by sight loss can get the answers they need about their eye health to look after their sight and manage their condition better.
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