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Isis’ story

Isis is partially sighted and has to go to the hospital for an eye check up every six months, but so far her condition remains undiagnosed. At age seven her condition seems to be stabilising and there hasn’t been any change in some time now.

It was her mum, Marsha, who recognised there was a problem with her daughter’s sight at around four years of age when Isis kept running to other parents in the playground, thinking it was her. However to look at Isis, you wouldn’t necessarily know she was partially sighted, just that she wears glasses.

How RNIB helps Isis

Isis has been a member of RNIB’s Children’s Library since March 2012 and loves to read adventure, pirate and dinosaur stories in giant print. There aren’t any large print books in any of the local libraries so the service that RNIB offers is essential to Isis. The fact that they arrive through the post adds to her sense of ‘specialness’ as Isis sees them as presents.

RNIB’s National Library Service arranges for the books that Isis’s class are reading in library hour to also be sent to her in 24 point. This means that she is able to read the same books at the same time as her classmates, something that Marsha feels is so important and is very appreciative of. This service ensures that Isis does not feel different or is left out of her class’s activities.

Her mum believes large print books stop Isis feeling frustrated or different to other children. She is a natural reader and without them, Isis’ creativity, imagination and spelling would suffer.

Marsha hopes people will support RNIB Read as she has seen the difference these books have brought to Isis’ life in just one year. She has a ‘can do’ attitude about things now and would like every blind or partially sighted child to have that experience.

How you can help

Register for RNIB Read to help us change the story.

If you have any questions, please email us at or call us on 0845 345 0054 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm).

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