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Luke’s story

Luke loves to read books provided by RNIB's Talking Book ServiceLuke has Rod Cone Dystrophy, and can barely read large print. Despite this, Luke has read more than most of the other children in his school through RNIB’s Talking Book Service.

“Because Luke reads such a large print size, and doesn’t like reading very much,” says his mum, Emmanuele, “he prefers to listen to them on CD.” Luke reads books that are considered well above his age range, recently having devoured Phillip Pullman’s “Northern Lights”. “We tried to arrange to have a copy enlarged for him through the school, but we actually received it from RNIB’s Talking Book Service in much less time.”

The reading also helps Luke with his school work: “at school they are saying that he’s got such a large general knowledge. Otherwise he’d be really behind in his work. He learns so much from all the books he reads.”

How RNIB helps Luke

Luke relies on the Talking Book Service for more than just knowledge – “it definitely keeps the peace for us”, says Emmanuele, “he very active and can’t stand doing nothing, he doesn’t like having his brain inactive. If he’s sitting there with nothing to do then his behaviour gets bad. If he’s got something to keep his brain busy and something to listen to it’s fantastic.”

“If it wasn’t for RNIB’s Talking Book Service” says Emmanuele, “then Luke wouldn’t be able to access books, he wouldn’t have the knowledge that he has gained and he probably would have only read a few books in his life. Without audio books he’d have such a tiny access to books, he loves them and it makes a big difference.”

How you can help

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