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Marion’s story

Marion is member of RNIB's Telephone Book ClubIn the late eighties, Marion, a mother of three, started to notice a difference in her eyes and was diagnosed with the condition retinitis pigmentosa. She has now been registered blind for six years but feels very fortunate to have received so much support from her family, especially her husband.

Even though she was shocked and upset about losing her sight she was very determined not to give up! Marion realised she had to learn to live her life in a different way, life had to go on. She got a guide dog which gave her back some of her confidence and allowed her once again to be independent.

Marion had originally trained as a nurse but had to retire in 1996 due to her failing sight. She did not let it stop her and instead trained to become a qualified aromatherapist.

How RNIB helps Marion

She had always enjoyed books but with her failing eyesight, Marion grew tired of having to use a magnifier to read and for a while she gave up altogether. That was until she discovered RNIB’s reading services. Her reading choices have widened considerably since using talking books, she particularly enjoys the humorous ones.

Talking books have become very much part of Marion’s life now. As a busy woman they help her to relax and unwind, and she uses them particularly when unable to sleep.

Marion is also a member of various Telephone Book Clubs, including RNIB’s Telephone Book Club. She believes it to be so important as it brings people together, particularly the elderly and lonely. Marion says that she is having great fun in the one that she’s in at the moment.

How you can help

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